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 OverLoad S'moores (KS) Assorted (Brown)

Unit Count:
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Unit Weight:
  2.55 ounces
Box Weight:
  3 lbs.*
  S & S Candies
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Other Info:
Introducing the most revolutionary S'MOORES ever created!!! OverLoad King Size S'MOORES start with a custom graham cracker. Next it is OverLoaded with 100% real Campfire Marshmallows and after that the graham cracker and marshmallow are covered in rich milk chocolate. Then, for the ultimate OverLoad, they are topped with a different candy on each S'MOORE! Our assorted OverLoad S'MOORES three pack contains: one peanut candies S'MOORES, one rice krispies candies S'MOORES, and one milk chocolate candies S'MOORES.


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